What to wear?

What to wear?

What to wear in The Netherlands? This App gives you the answer and helps you decide a bit. It works like this: The Lametric shows the apparent temperature 'gevoelstemperatuur' for the day in Celsius degrees so that you know whether to put on a shirt, a sweater, or rain boots when dressing. The apparent temperature is calculated using the JAG/TI method. When the highest temperature for the day is reached, the apparent temperature is being recalculated using the outside conditions at that moment. At midnight the Lametric is updated with the new apparent weather situation for the upcoming day. Regarding rain: The amount of raindrops which are shown on the Lametric represent the amount of rain in millimeters during the day. So one raindrop means 1  mm of rain is expected (light rain), 5 raindrops means 5 mm of rain (moderate rain) and 10 raindrops means it's going to a lot .. The Lametric will show a blue shirt when no rain is expected for the day. There is an option in the menu to show the apparent temperature prediction for tomorrow. This temperature is shown in brackets to make clear it's the expected temperature for tomorrow. Thanks go out to the official Dutch weather station (KNMI) for the accurate primary data. Written with pleasure in Amsterdam. Send feedback to [email protected] and please like the App if you use it.



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    12 Dec, 2019

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