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Matt Bielich
Easily send messages to be displayed on your LaMetric device remotely via text message. More details at: • Text (or email) “START” to to get started. • Once you have set up your app, you can simply send a text message to have it appear on your LaMetric device. • Works great with everyone in the family – to add another user, just press the action button to request a new activation code so they can text (or email) it to • Begin your messages with an emoji to indicate what icon you’d like to display next to the message – we'll try to find a match, and will be adding support for more emojis as we go. • Configure your app settings to limit how many messages appear and for how long.
TIME, SKY Infoscreen Apps
This app is supported on Infoscreen shape created from 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 SKY surfaces
SKY Infoscreen App


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  • Updated

    26 Feb, 2023

  • Minimal OS version

    0.0.107 or newer

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    Matt Bielich

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