The Rope lighting effect on LaMetric SKY simulates the motion of a rope being twisted and turned. The effect creates the illusion of a three-dimensional rope that moves fluidly and organically across the screen. The Rope effect can be customized with different colors and thicknesses, allowing you to create a personalized display that matches your personal style or preferences. This effect is perfect for creating a sense of movement and energy in a space, whether you're using it as part of a music performance, a dance party, or simply as a visual aid during a workout. The Rope effect is also ideal for adding an element of visual interest to a space, whether you're using it in a living room or bedroom, or as part of a larger art installation. With its dynamic and tactile motion, the Rope effect is sure to capture the attention and imagination of viewers.


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    15 Mar, 2023

  • Minimal OS version

    3.0.0 or newer

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