Huawei FusionSolar PV plant Info

How to use: 1. To use the app, you must enable kiosk mode for your PV plant. Instruction: 2. After enabling it, you will get a URL similar to: 3. String between "https://" and ".fusionsolar..." e.g. "region03eu5" or "region01eu5" is your region ID. 4. String after kk= is your kiosk ID. 5. You must enter region ID and kiosk ID as parametr in application. 6. The data is refreshed every 10 minutes.
TIME, SKY Infoscreen Apps
This app is supported on Infoscreen shape created from 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 SKY surfaces
SKY Infoscreen App


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    17 May, 2023

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    0.0.107 or newer

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