Display for Netatmo Weather Station

Display Netatmo Weather Station metrics on your LaMetric TIME and SKY! It shows your indoor and outdoor temperature, carbon dioxide level, humidity, pressure and noise level, and allows you to choose the comfortable limits for each metric. Once it becomes too hot or too dry in the room, or the carbon dioxide level rises, LaMetric TIME/SKY warns you so you can immediately fix it. Moreover, with a location icon, you can react to the change more quickly, as you know at a glance which room it comes from.
TIME, SKY Infoscreen Apps
This app is supported on Infoscreen shape created from 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 SKY surfaces
SKY Infoscreen App


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    04 Jul, 2024

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    3.0.0 or newer

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    Smart Home

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