Pierre Grimaud
UPDATE : 2021/09/11 ---------------------------- The service was out of usage for 2 days, I'm very sorry about it. This problem was related to the increase of the number of users (more than 1500, yay!). If you very like this app, please consider to make a donation to improve the app and stabilize it : BTC : bc1qn5thzc2h376c4zrv6phten02p6mtj60j3ujm86 ETH / ERC20 : 0xCc070742bebB01A43B12E123C9c989E3E4d4E913 BSC / BEP20 : 0xE5035aD19843A2d8dF885511BC79d7182047b80c Thank you and sorry again! ---------------------------- The ultimate cryptocurrencies for LaMetric! More than 5000 currencies available! (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Doge, Binance coin, Cardano, Litecoin, Polkadot, Stellar, Cardano, Chainlink, etc...) Prices are based on CoinMarketCap and refresh every 60 seconds. How it works? Just set the code of your currency in the app configuration. You can add 20 currencies. LaMetric only allows 20 frames per app. So if you enabled the options "Show crypto names" and "Show daily change" you will only see the first 7 cryptos. NEW : If you want to add a missing icon, you just have to download the "LaMetric smile" app or create an account on LaMetric developer and let your creativity out ✌️. Then, send me a screenshot or icon ID by email and I will integrate it to the app. If you like this app, feel free to like it on your LaMetric and like it on GitHub. More information, support and donations :


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    14 Nov, 2021

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    1.0.22 or newer

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    Pierre Grimaud

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