COVID-19 Vaccinations

This app shows the progress in the COIVD-19 vaccinations world wide. You can select specific countries you're interested in, or select none to see a random collection of all countries. Moreover, you can decide if you see daily vaccinations or the total number of people having received the first vaccination jab. On top of that a progress bars indicates how many people are vaccinated relative to the entire population. *** Features *** * Show either per day vaccinations * Or show number of people vaccinated (1st shot) * Select to see the country's name first * Select your own Country * Select all countries your interested in * Filter for new data only * Display the date the vaccination numbers are referring to * Set time a country is displayed (default: 120) * LaMetric is updated every 10min * Server data is updated every hour Due to LaMetrics limitation of 20 frames, you will only see 20 countries at once (10 if names are showed first). However, these 20 (10) will be replaced randomly every 10min. If "show newest updates…" is activated only the latest updates will be displayed. If no country is selected, you will see all countries (with the 10 min limitation stated above). Countries are selected by their alpha-3 (iso-) code. *** Updates *** 2021-04-26 Add new functions: * Show the date of the vaccination data * Only display countries with newest data * Set duration per country frame 2021-04-25 Change source to own domain 2021-04-22 Ordering country codes alphabetically 2021-04-22 Release The data displayed is from the awesome project. You can find the data license and source for each country here: The entire code for this project can be found here: Feel free to participate and make the app even better! If you like this app and want to hear more from me, follow me on twitter:


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    26 Apr, 2021

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    1.0.22 or newer

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