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*Scientific version* This App shows the total number of people who have died from the Corona COVID-19 virus since the outbreak for every 1 million (M) inhabitants. Calculation: Fatals by COVID-19 / Total population of the country in Millions = Amount of deaths per million. This is a reliable measure to compare countries on the severity of the outbreak. Why measure it this way? Countries may not test every infected person with COVID-19 or report lower estimations than measured in reality. Even to the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore the total number of infected people per country as communicated on the news may give a biased reading about the impact in that country. To use the reported number of deaths caused by the virus in the measurement will be more accurate and gives a better indication of the size of the infection. Also the size of a country is relevant when comparing the impact. Therefore we show and measure it differently with this App than usual. This gives a realistic result when comparing countries. Features: * Compare severeness in outbreak between countries (up to 5) * The LaMetric is updated every minute ** Version history ** 29-03-2020: First internal release 03-04-2020: Public version If you installed the App already then you may need to wait for your LaMetric to update to get the new features. Turn on/off your LaMetric to speed up this process. The data is based on Microsoft,, Made with love from Amsterdam. Send feedback to [email protected] or via Discord xalex#4763. Please like the App if you are using it or treat me to a coffee


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