Corona Worldwide COVID-19

This App shows the total number of people infected with the Corona COVID-19 virus since the outbreak. Features: * Select your own country * Show your country or state flag * Show or hide fatal cases (number) * Show or hide fatal cases as a percentage * Show people that are actively infected * The LaMetric is updated every 10 minutes ** Version history ** 20-06-2020: Fixed a bug not showing Czechia - Thank you Tomáš K! 09-06-2020: Prepared for 10 million worldwide cases display formatting. 08-06-2020: Added option in the App to show numbers in the US number format (Comma instead of dot). 17-04-2020: Added United States - Maine. 09-04-2020: Fixed a bug with Puerto Rico and Guam. Many thanks to Juan S. 01-04-2020: Added fatal rate option in the App. Added additional data sources for quicker updates, thank you Arvydas S. 28-03-2020: Added state flags, can be turned on in the App. 28-03-2020: Added an option to show the total cases and active cases on the LaMetric, many thanks to Deepak K. 27-03-2020: Based on the feedback from Oliver Louis, we added country flags, thank you! 25-03-2020: Fixed a bug not showing data from China, Guam and Czechia, thank you Tomas K. 22-03-2020: Added all states of the USA as well as some new countries. 21-03-2020: Fixed a bug not showing the 'Healed' label, thanks go out to Patric S. If you have already installed the App then you may need to wait for your LaMetric to update to get the new features. Turn on/off your LaMetric to speed up this process. The data is mainly based on Johns Hopkins Did you know that you can have multiple copies of this App running on one LaMetric? This way you can track multiple countries or states. In the user guide on page 42, section 4.3.2 describes how to do this with the duplicate function. Made with love from Amsterdam. Send feedback to or via Discord xalex#4763. Please like the App if you are using it or treat me to a coffee