Calculation exercise for the genius :)

This App is a simple multiplication table exercise, for example 7 x 5 = 35, to increase (or keep :) your daily brain calculation skills. The App works like this: First it shows a multiplication question, next, it gives you some time to think about it and after a brief moment, the display is updated with the correct answer. Some technical background: The App will choose a new multiplication question in the range of 1 and 15. In the choosing process, the App excludes the easiest questions such as 14 x 0, or 1 x 7, but no stress, it leaves not only the most difficult ones; There's a good balance between the hard ones and the more easy ones. The current multiplication table goes up to max.15 x 15, but it can be extended if there is enough interest for this. The question is updated every 5 seconds on the Lametric. Made with love from Amsterdam. Send feedback to [email protected] and please like the App if you use it.


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    04 Dec, 2019

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    1.0.22 or newer

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    [email protected]