Alarm Clock

The most accurate clock in the world, it synchronises with the Internet. ● See time, date and weekday in country-specific format. ● Enjoy still or animated clock faces or create your own to stand out. We have thousands of them in our database available to you. Check them out at ● Setup one or multiple alarm clocks and wake up to your favorite Internet radio in the mornings. ● Use your Alarm as a trigger to IFTTT and enhance your morning routine using other smart devices. Action button (click): review and setup alarms Action button (hold): alarms quick toggle
This app is supported on Infoscreen shape created from 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 SKY surfaces
SKY Infoscreen, SKY Artistic, SKY Frame, TIME Apps
Artistic - the shape you can create from 2 or more SKY surfaces
SKY Artistic App
Frame - the shape you can create from 2 or 4 SKY surfaces
SKY Frame App


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    13 May, 2024

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    0.0.107 or newer

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