Nerdy: Shows the actual date and time compressed to 6 digits. I use this on a twitch/youtube channel so that I can always recalculated back the exact time and date it was recorded when I watch it, although others don't know that. The technique is simple: I use the long unix timestamp and convert it to base 60 format so that only 6 digits are used for the Lametric. This way the entire time in seconds and date is encoded in these few digits. The 6 digits can be recalculated to the original time using my decode page: https://lametric.schildwacht.com/lametric_timecode_decoded/ or you do it manually: use e.g. http://convertxy.com/index.php/numberbases to convert the number on the Lametric from base60 to decimal and then use the converted decimal value and convert it once more to a more human readable time and date, e.g. https://www.epochconverter.com can be used for this last step. With love from Amsterdam. Send feedback to [email protected] and please like the App if you use it.


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    01 Dec, 2019

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    1.0.22 or newer

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